Download for PC SHAREit App
SHAREit is a very popular data/music/image/video sharing application which can be easily found in the app market. Among users, it has become favorite with around 15 million downloads.  It can be downloaded at any platform such as pc, mobile phone, tablets, mac, etc which covers operating systems like android, windows and its systems. It allows users to share images, videos, files, audio, videos and many more things. You are not restricted to the limited sizes of the file. in this article, you will get to know how to download share it from pc. 


SHAREit for PC is considered as the most favorite sharing app which is used worldwide. It is so because its interface is so easy to use by the users and also it is totally cost of free. Unlike other mediums such as Bluetooth or USB device, it is totally safe and confidential to share the data and files. Ital happens because you switch on the sharing mode.  generally, it completely blocks the transfer of malicious things and assures to work in a safe mode hence, it is used so crazily. 

Steps to download the chart to your PC:

•    To download the share it Apk file clicks here- a website 
•    You will be redirected to download the share its app. 
•    Download for SHAREit for PC.
•    You should unzip the content and then launch the file to use it on your pc. 

How to connect the share app to your PC:

•    On your mobile phone, open the shared app. 
•    Choose the option of Shareit for PC which is mentioned on the top corner of the share it app. 
•    Now it will ask you to connect to your pc to your mobile share app. 
•    Now scan the QR code on the mobile device to connect to your pc to the mobile device share its app. 
•    Now you can conveniently share any kind of file or data between your pc and mobile phone.

Features Of Shareit For PC:

 •    The file size is only 5.18 MB. 
•    It can be downloaded from any of the operating systems like windows, mac, android, etc. 
•    It is easy and safe to use. 
•    You don't have to go through with any kind of file size restriction. 
•    You don't need an internet connection for sharing of data. 
•    It is faster as compared to Bluetooth or USB device.
•    You can also replicate your data from the old device to your new device without any obstacles. 

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